Bringing the power of women,
with the heart for giving to where it's needed most,

2 hours at a time

So… Why?

You’re very busy with the family, work, friends, housework, gardening and on an on. Where can you find the time to “give-back” to the communities you love most? You know you have a lot to contribute, but you worry that there just isn’t enough time left in your day to give anything close to time that will make a significant difference. So nothing happens

Imagine meeting with your friends for that cherished evening out. An evening where you and your friends spend an hour or two at a cause  that touches your heart. And afterwards you all go out to talk and celebrate. All of you together do make a significant difference. And combined with LOAM chapters in other cities, just think of the web of women making a contribution to the world at large.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”
Elizabeth Andrew

So… What to do?

You love animals?
Try the local pet rescue center or the City Pound
You love education?
Try volunteering at the local YWCA
You care about Vets?
Try sitting with folks at the local VA
You care about Homeless Teens?
Prepare dinner at the local shelter
You worry about hunger?
Collect nonperishable food for the food bank
You want to end homelessness?
Meet with your representatives
You don’t like wild animals as pets?
Work at the rescue center
Your worry about lonely elders?
Find neighbors to visit
You’re worried about the parks?
Create a work party
You have mad finance skills?
Help your charity keep the books straight
You have mad programming skills?
Tune up a favorite charity website
You are wildly good at marketing?
Help a cause develop a campaign

So… How to get started?

  1. 1. Pick a great set of friends. We’re called Ladies On a Mission, does that mean we don’t welcome males? Of course not, the more the merrier.
  2. 2. Talk over options and pick the cause that touches your hearts. Pick a name for your chapter, please include the name of your city.
  3. 3. Call the organization to confirm that they can work with you at the frequency you can commit.
  4. 4. Promise each other that you will give this at least 6 months, so you can fully see and feel the impact.
  5. 5. At Month 1 send a picture to LOAM and share your amazingness. In fact send in pictures every month, we want to see what big things you’re up to. Be sure to include the name of your chapter.
  6. 6. At Month 2, post a comment on the blog about your chapter’s experience, you’ll inspire your sister LOAM-ers. Again, please include the name of your chapter.
  7. 7. At Month 3 have another meeting to discuss what’s working what needs altering.
  8. 8. Keep on keepin’ on!