1st LOAM blog post

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1st LOAM blog post

Dateline January 4, 2016, Seattle, Washington, USA.

As this is the first, and so far only, blog post on LOAM, that might seem a silly way to start the blog, but the vision is to have LOAM chapters across the world, and THEN, such a lead-in will help our readers get a feel for who’s up to what!

As for this chapter…We will be having our first meeting here in January. There will be 6 of us, Rosanna, Jan, Kayla, Cindy, Diane and myself, Su.

We will spend time enjoying each other’s company and catching up. AND I will talk to them about Ladies on a Mission, how we’re all about having fun together and benefitting a cause. We will pick that cause (I’m bringing a list of options to start the creative thinking) and the name of our group (that one I’m leaving entirely open to the group).

We’ve all know each other for quite a while now, and I’m excited to find out how this project will bring us all to a deeper level of understanding. That said, it may be that not all 6 of us will choose to go forward with this. No worries. This is all about supporting each other, and whichever cause we choose. More soon…

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  1. I want to start a new LOAM group in my area if there is not already one.

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