Su9-14Why call it Ladies on a Mission? Frankly, I liked the acronym LOAM, which Merriam-Webster defines as “a type of soil that is good for growing plants”. OK, so we’re not growing plants necessarily, but the image of growing community, and providing a fertile environment for generosity of spirit…that is perfect for what Ladies on a Mission is all about.

Where did Ladies on a Mission come from? As a full time working lady, with a family, and all the time commitments that entails, and still with a desire to give back to the community, I wanted to create a way that I could donate time to a favorite cause. With only a few hours a month to give I wondered how to actually create an impact. Numbers, that’s the answer!

If I can’t give lots of hours, and I have friends in the same situation who can each give a few hours, together we will have an impact in our local community. Then our other friends who can also give a few hours can create their own chapters in their towns and voilà, we have a web of ladies working on causes that touch their heart, and together we can make a difference. And if we choose to go out together for a beverage of some sort, we can celebrate our chosen cause and enjoy each others company.

So, create your chapter, post pictures on the LOAM site, and blog about your experiences. Have no doubt, your sister LOAM-ers will be inspired by YOU!